Street portraits: Oxford

Written by Nasir Hamid on April 27th, 2011

These ten images are the contents of an entire roll of film from a street portraits session two days ago. All of the images except one are full-frame and uncropped. A car poked its nose into the background of one of the shots so I decided to crop it out. So far I have only allowed myself one frame on each portrait which I find is a good discipline. Every frame is valuable on a roll of ten exposures so when I press the shutter I have to be sure I’m ready to commit that image to film.

This session started at around 3:30pm, which is unusual for me having only previously done street portraits in my lunch hour. I’ve got the week off work thanks to a Bank Holiday at either end of it so it was nice to have some longer shadows compared to midday. The first shot on the roll was the guy with his bike. Oxford is full of cyclists and as a cyclist myself I can’t help noticing the variety of different bikes all around. There might be a future series there, bicycles and their owners.

Amongst my ten shots there are three of people with their cameras. The guy with a Leica, a lady with her Rolleiflex (inside a nice leather case) and the tourists with their assortment of cameras, one of which was a plastic Lomo camera. That was the last shot on the roll and is one of my favourites. I love how they are all standing differently and photographing me photographing them. I didn’t set it up like that, a happy accident.

[Tech info] Film used was Fuji Arcos 100 (my first time using it). I had incorrectly set my lightmeter to ISO 250 for the first shot and rather than lose that frame I decided to stick with that ISO for the whole roll. Unable to find any precise data on how long to process the film for at ISO 250 I made a rough calculation and gave it 11mins in HC110 (1:47), dilution E at 20C. My camera was an RZ67 with 180mm lens.


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