June 20th, 2011

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Oxford: Summer 8’s 2011 (part V)

Monday, June 20th, 2011

These are the last black & white images from my Summer 8’s 2011 set. There will be colour images following in the future so keep an eye out if you haven’t appeared yet. Again, I’m sorry to anyone that I photographed with my faulty camera who’s image didn’t get recorded onto film, there were some really nice shots that I’m sad about losing but that’s photography for you, there’s no knowing when a pice of equipment might stop functioning properly. The camera that is to blame for those lost images is due back tomorrow after being repaired so I’ll be sure to give a thorough testing.

[Tech info]: Pentax 67, Fuji Acros 100 film.


rowers waiting at the start of the race

Waiting for the starting pistol

Fancy dress

The Vikings are here!

Cool dude

This guy looked cool but there were too many people around for me to get far enough back for a full-length shot. When he had a more serious expression I thought he had the kind of look you might find in a Burberry ad but in this shot of him smiling he looks completely different. Some of his mates were standing to my right so he was getting heckled.

3D video camera

As I saw this man walking towards me on the tow path I thought he had some sort of a stereoscopic pinhole camera mounted on his tripod so I stopped him thinking he was shooting on film but it turned out that he was shooting 3D video. We had a brief chat, a nice guy.

family portrait

Family portrait. Technically this isn't Summer 8's or anything to do with rowing but this was my last shot as I was walking back to my bike from the boat houses. I've always liked to photograph people being photographed by someone else so I got this shot as I turned around after walking past this group of tourists. It's hard to make out at this small size but the man in the middle is actually looking into my lens.