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Oxford: Lunch hour session

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

I managed to shoot a whole roll of film through my Rolleiflex SL66 camera during one of my lunch time walks a few weeks ago. Here are the first 5 frames. I’ve got so many images still to post from the college ball’s that I photographed recently and then on top of that I have a backlog of other images that I can’t wait to share from my lunch hour sessions and test shoots. Some people have asked if I sell prints of my photography and the answer is yes. Although I don’t make it obvious on this blog I assume that anyone wishing to purchase a print would contact me so please get in touch. All prints are hand done by me.

[Tech info:] Rolleiflex SL66 camera, 80/2.8 lens loaded with Kodak Tri-X film processed in Kodak HC110 dilution B. Processed and scanned by me.

Cool glasses, Broad Street.

Gone to the beach.

Matt Sage - musician and promoter, outside The Randolph Hotel.

Taylorian Institute steps.

Unicorn window display, Ship Street.


Oxford: Keble College Ball 2012 part 5

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Here’s every single frame from a roll of film I shot at the Keble College summer ball 2012. I only get 12 shots on a roll  This is dedicated to everyone that has ever told me that you only get a few good shots on a roll of film and that digital is so much better 🙂

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330 and 80mm/2.8 lens loaded with Kodak Tri-X film, processed in Kodak HC110 dilution b (1:31).

Frame 1: The drummer.

Frame 2: The trumpeter

Frame 3: Cool glasses.

Frame 4: Roses.

Frame 5: Candles.

Frame 6.

Frame 7: I photographed this guy at the Balliol ball.

Frame 8: The trumpeter.

Frame 9: The band.

Frame 10: President of the ball committee (second from left) with friends.

Frame 11: Group shot.

Frame 12: Here come the girls.


Motorbike: MZ Trophy

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

While cycling home from my dress rehearsal shoot at Lady Margaret Hall (see previous post) I passed this nice looking motorbike (MZ Trophy) as it was waiting in the line of traffic at the South Parks Road traffic lights. I asked the rider (Simon) if I could do some quick photography of him on his motorbike with the cool film camera I had in my bag and he agreed so we carried on down to the Bridge of Sighs next to Hertford College. The motorbike is from 1971 so it’s a similar age to the camera I used. The camera I had with me was a Rolleiflex SL66 that had arrived in the morning so these are some of the first shots through it. Naturally I was a little nervous about whether or not they would come out because with old cameras you just never know. Fortunately they turned out great and  I had both colour and black & white film backs loaded with me so I was able to do a bit of both. On the b&w roll I had a few blank frames at the start of the roll and I’m missing a few shots from the end so I’ll have to look at why that happened, possibly user error. Thank you Simon for stopping and for being so patient while I juggled with the film backs.

[Tech info:] Rolleiflex SL66 and 80mm/2.8 Zeiss lens, loaded with Kodak 160NC (rated at ISO100) and Fuji Acros 100. Processed with a Rollei digibase C41 kit and Kodak HC110 dilution H (8.5 mins).

In front of the Bridge of Sighs.

I'm not sure where the light leak came from but I quite like it.

On the corner. (Movie trivia: the building in the background was used as the front of The Eagle pub in X-Men First Class).

Cool goggles (I'm in there).


Drama: ‘Unsex Me Here’, LMH, Oxford

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

There’s a Shakespeare festival here in Oxford at the moment and a few weeks ago I was contacted by the director of a one-off performance to see if I’d like to do some photography at one of their dress rehearsals. The actual performance is on 29th May 2012 at Blackwells Bookshop on Broad Street but these images were made at Lady Margaret Hall a few days ago. Only one of the cast is in elizabethan costume and I felt she’d make for better images than the others. For the colour shots I was experimenting with some film that expired in 2005 and I quite like the results. The black & white shots were made with fresh stock. If you do go and see it please leave a comment.

[Tech info:] Rolleiflex SL66 and 80mm/2.8 Zeiss lens, loaded with Kodak 160NC (rated at ISO100) and Fuji Acros 100. Processed with a Rollei digibase C41 kit and Kodak HC110 dilution H (8.5 mins).

LMH has nice gardens.

Window light.

Bounced light from the floor.


LMH gardens.

Cast group shot.

Oxford: Fuji instant pack film

Friday, May 25th, 2012

These images are from earlier today. The first two were made during my lunch break, the other two were made near the University boathouses. The summer eights rowing competition is on at the moment so I went over to the boathouses after work to photograph anyone that caught my attention but I’m sorry to say that I didn’t manage to do much photography. The buzz that was there last year seemed to be missing which I found quite disappointing.

[Tech info:] I used a sliding Polaroid back on my Mamiya RB67 to shoot two frames on each sheet of Fuji instant pack film. I really enjoy thinking of two shots that will work together and it’s a shame I can’t shoot a roll of film like this.

Tailors in Little Clarendon Street. These guys are always sharply dressed which makes them very photogenic.

Triumph on St. Giles. I was rushing to make this shot and didn't notice the Polaroid back wasn't pushed all the way to the left. I hope I get to photograph this car again.

Edd and Owen of Hacked Off Films.

BMXer 'Pipe' Williams.


Test shoot: Hai Lin #3

Friday, May 25th, 2012

These shots are from my last test shoot with Hai Lin  it’s just taken me a while to process the roll of film because it was colour. With black & white film you can mix up the quantity of chemistry you need to process a single roll. With colour the chemistry is different because you can reuse it so I save up some colour rolls so that I can do them in batches. These shots were made on Kodak Ektar 100 film which I haven’t used very much. I like it so far.

[Tech info:] Mamiya M645 with 80/1.9 lens. Kodak Ektar 100 film. Processed and scanned by me.

Late afternoon sunshine.

Broad Street. I like the shadow in this shot.

Fading light. In the shade the colours look a little funky.

The light level was really low after the sun had gone down behind buildings.

I like the bokeh in this shot.