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Oxford: Keble College Ball 2012 part 1

Monday, May 7th, 2012

The Keble College Ball was the biggest college ball that I’ve attended so far and I really enjoyed it. When I first heard that around 1,850 guests were expected it didn’t quite register in my mind what that would actually look like but when I saw the guests queuing up around the edge of the main quad at Keble waiting to come into the ball it was quite a sight. Fortunately it didn’t rain at all on the night but the temperature outside was quite chilly. It’s a shame we didn’t have more summery weather because I think the cold temperature forced a lot of people to stay in the warmth of the marquees or the college buildings which were difficult to photograph in because they were so packed. I saw so many people that I would like to photograph again with some of my old film cameras so if you’re in any of these pictures below and you’d like a test shoot together please get in touch.

This is the first batch of images from the ball. I have a lot of images to sort through but I’ll try to post new batches as soon as I can. Lots of the guests asked where they could see the pictures. I’ll post as many as I can here but I’ll put a gallery together of everything in case anyone wants to order prints. I still have lots more images from Lincoln to post so expect plenty of updates.

[Tech info:] Nikon D700 with Zeiss 50mm/f1.4 lens.

There were lots of photogenic guests in attendance.