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Oxford: Lincoln College Ball 2012 part 4

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Here’s the 4th batch of images from the Lincoln College Ball 2012. These were all shot on film and there are plenty more to come. One of the many things I love about using film is the fact that it takes time to create the images. Sometimes well over a week or more has passed between me processing the film and scanning it and in that time I’ve often forgotten what was on the film in the first place. Take some of these shots for example. It’s not quite 7 days since I shot these images but as I was sorting through them just now there are at least a few frames that I don’t remember making so coming across them is not only a surprise but also a treat. I was aiming to post new images every day this week but I’ve been feeling unwell the past couple of days, sorry about that. Lots more to come from the Lincoln Ball (both film and digital) and I’ll be photographing at the Keble Ball tomorrow night so there’s lots to look forward to from that too.

I’d love to photograph at the upcoming Oriel Ball so if anyone can hook me up with permission to photograph there it would be much appreciated!

Shots from the beginning of the evening before the rain started.