July, 2015

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Oxford: Endeavour 3, episode 3 – part 3

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Continuing on from my previous post, here are some images from a second roll of film I shot in Oxford’s University Parks during filming of the third Endeavour episode from series 3. The weather at the beginning of the afternoon was bright and sunny but later it started to cloud over and the light level began to drop a fair bit. After the supporting actors arrived in their 1960’s Police uniform I was a little concerned that all of the black fabric of their outfits might fill in but the Eastman Double X film I used handled everything with ease. This film stock is fast becoming a real favourite of mine and I’ve finally found a developer that brings the best out of it – Kodak D76.

[Tech info:] Leica M2, Voigtlander 50/1.5 Nokton, Eastman Double X motion picture film, developed in Kodak D76 1+1.








Endeavour slate


Dakota Blue Richards




Sound crew
















Oxford: Endeavour 3, episode 3 – part 2

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Some more behind the scenes photography from the third episode of series three of Endeavour. A house in North Oxford was the first location and then there were scenes by the river in University Parks. The crew did well to keep the production moving in University Parks because it was quite busy there with not only people walking into shot but also punters on the river that had to be held back as well. I really enjoyed the park location and have lots more images to post from there.

[Tech info]: Leica M2, Voigtlander Nokton 50/1.5, Eastman Double X motion picture film, developed in Kodak D76 1+1, Pakon scans.

Oxford: Skateboard pro’s at the OWP skatepark

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

The Globe EU Trippin skateboard tour made a stop at the Oxford Wheels Project skatepark last week and I went along to do some photography. I had no idea who the professional skateboarders were and I didn’t expect there to be so many people but it was a fantastic atmosphere and great to see such a capacity crowd. Photography was difficult because of the amount of people and very little space to manoeuvre but I did manage these two shots on my Polaroid 190 Land Camera (from the 1960’s).

[Tech info:] Polaroid 190 Land Camera, Fuji FP-100C instant pack film (bleached neg).


Oxford: Magdalen College Ball, 2015 – part 1

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

The only summer ball I had time to photograph this year was at Magdalen College and here are some images from the evening. Ambient light was quite scarce around the college grounds so I had limited options of where I could photograph after dark. For the first time I decided not to use a flash and I’m glad about my decision because it forced me to make pictures I probably wouldn’t have made otherwise. Trying to decide which cameras to take was difficult but in the end I opted for my Leica M2 because of the ease of focussing with the rangefinder in low light and the quality of the lenses. More images to come in a follow up post.

[Tech info:] Leica M2, Voigtlander 50/1.5 Nokton, Ilford HP5, ISO 1600, developed in Kodak D76 stock, Pakon scans.