The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2016 – part 2

Written by Nasir Hamid on October 2nd, 2016

If you ever visit the Great Dorset Steam Fair be sure to stay until after dark because the display of steam engines all lit up is a real highlight of the day. These images are from my first ever roll of Fuji Natura 1600 film which a generous friend brought over from Japan for me. To my knowledge Fuji only make it for the domestic Japanese market.

[Tech info:] Leica M2, Voigtlander 50/1.5 Nokton Classic, Fuji Natura 1600 film developed in Fuji Xpress C41 kit. Pakon scans.


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  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the lovely share, what sort of post work did you do on these?

  2. Tim says:

    Did you shoot it at ISO 1600?

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