Oxford: Giffords Circus 2019

Written by Nasir Hamid on September 20th, 2019

Giffords Circus portraits, Fuji 6×9, 400H film.

Giffords Circus came to Oxford on their 2019 tour and I went along to do some photography as I have done in previous years. It’s always nice to see familiar faces there and some new ones too. For these shots I used a Fuji 6×9 rangefinder camera which has a 90/3.5 lens that is not interchangeable. It’s a hulk of a camera but I really like the large viewfinder and the 3:2 aspect ratio of the frame compared to 6×7. The 90mm isn’t really a portrait lens so I tend to go a little wider than just head and shoulders.

[Tech info:] Fuji GW690, Fuji 400H (expired) film, Noritsu scans.


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  1. IAN LLOYD says:

    Hi Nasir. Do you remember me from Colourbox/Techunique days? I am really impressed with your work on here! I am mostly based in Cheshire but am in Oxford for a couple of weeks. A few years ago I bought a Kaiser enlarger with the aim of setting up a darkroom but gave up photography a while ago and never used it. I wondered if you might be willing to try it for me to see if it works ok so that I can sell it. Hope you don’t mind me asking you! Very best Ian

    • Nasir Hamid says:

      Hello Ian, nice to hear from you. Yes, I do remember you, especially when I photographed your author portrait for the first book you published. We used Basil Blackwell’s old office. I felt it turned out nicely.
      I don’t have a dedicated darkroom space to test out your enlarger but if you plug it in and switch it on it’s easy to tell if it’s working — the light will come on. Cheers.

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