Oxford: Giffords Circus 2019 – part 2

Written by Nasir Hamid on June 3rd, 2020

Backstage portraits of Giffords Circus performers during their 2019 Xanadu tour, University Parks, Oxford.

A year ago this week Giffords Circus came to University Parks here in Oxford and I went along to photograph some of the performers behind the scenes as I have done the past few years. On the first day of their performance I take along photographs from the previous year to give to the returning performers. Sadly due to the COVID-19 global pandemic Giffords aren’t performing this year which is a real shame. Hopefully they’ll be back in 2021.

[Tech info:] Fuji GW690, Fuji 400H (expired), Noritsu scans.

20190620_Giffords_Circus_Fuji_6x9_400H_1_web 20190620_Giffords_Circus_Fuji_6x9_400H_2_web 20190620_Giffords_Circus_Fuji_6x9_400H_3_web 20190620_Giffords_Circus_Fuji_6x9_400H_4_web 20190620_Giffords_Circus_Fuji_6x9_400H_5_web 20190620_Giffords_Circus_Fuji_6x9_400H_6_web 20190620_Giffords_Circus_Fuji_6x9_400H_7_web 20190620_Giffords_Circus_Fuji_6x9_400H_8_web


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  1. Nic Jones says:

    Did you take any others of Michael Fletcher? He’s the guy in the 5th photo down with the very bright suit on.

    I’d be very interesting in seeing them if you did as I am a massive fan of his.



    • Nasir Hamid says:

      Hey Nic,

      It’s possible I did but as it was a year ago I can’t remember exactly. I won’t know until I go through my film scans. Watch this space as they say. Thanks.

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