Photo shoot: Georgina

Written by Nasir Hamid on March 11th, 2013

Some rolls of colour film that I sent off to a photo lab for processing and scanning a week ago arrived back this morning and it was nice to see shots from lots of different photo shoots among them, mostly from the end of last year. I usually do all of my own processing and scanning but colour is tricky during the winter because the temperature of the chemicals needs to be kept within a very small tolerance (less than 0.5 of a degree) and my studio where I usually do my processing is an ice box during the winter. After building up a small batch of exposed colour film I decided to test out a new lab I had heard about rather than wait until the weather warms up in the spring and because I usually struggle a bit with colour scanning I went for the option to have the lab do it for me. I’ll drip feed the scans instead of cramming them all in together.

Here are a few shots from a lunch hour shoot I had with Georgina (I think at the beginning of December). We lucked out with the weather and nice wintery sunshine on that day. These were some of the last shots I made and the ones I was most excited to see, especially the two portrait shots where the sun is backlighting but also bouncing off a stone wall behind me to give a soft front light (one of my favourite kinds of light). These shots have had zero retouching done to them, one of the many joys of shooting with film.

[Tech info:] Bronica ETRSi loaded with Kodak 160VC.

One of my favourite kinds of light.

In front of the Sheldonian Theatre.



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  1. Aerynn says:

    These are stunning! Love the first one especially 🙂

    • Nasir Hamid says:

      Thank you 🙂 That first shot is the one I was most excited to see from the roll. I wish we had more days with that weather and light. This winter has been rubbish for shooting outdoors.

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