London day trip: Nov/2011 part 3

Written by Nasir Hamid on December 4th, 2011

This is the third instalment of images from my last day trip to London. My walk along the Thames led me to Tate Modern where I saw the a short film that was projected on a huge screen inside the turbine hall. It was shot on film which was very appropriate for me as that’s my medium of choice. From the Tate I walked over the Millennium bridge to see the Occupy protesters. By this time it was getting late into the afternoon and the light level was falling rapidly so I didn’t manage to get very many shots. I did see three other photographers there that were using film and managed to photograph each of them.

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f camera with New Kodak Portra 400 film. Processed and scanned by me.

Rolley golfers. These golf carts are a cross between a regular golfing trolley and a Segway. I saw these guys coming along with a small video crew following them. When I asked what they were doing they said they were making a viral video. They seemed intrigued by my old skool camera and were kind enough to let me photograph them.

golfer with a flat cap


golfer wearing a flat cap



one leaf on decking

One leaf.

FILM art installation inside Tate Modern

FILM art installation inside Tate Modern. I made a guess at the exposure for this and the slant of the camera is because I was resting it on a padded bench. I loved how the little girl was fascinated by the projection and her shadow that was cast on the screen. I'm sure she was unaware that lots of people were staring at her from the darkness.

A lady holding a Rolleiflex camera

Rolleiflex user at Occupy protest, St. Paul's Cathedral.

A man using a Leica film camera

Leica user. I had a great conversation about photography with this photographer.

A man using a Mamiya M645 film camera

Mamiya M645 user. I have one of these cameras but this one was really battered up. It had a lot of character to it and is a good example of how well built these cameras are.

Breakdancing crew

Breakdancing crew.

Bride and groom

Wedding couple. This shot has turned out amazingly well considering how low the light level was. New Kodak Portra 400 is incredible film. I got this shot as the official wedding photographer was setting up some of his equipment.




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