London: day trip with Ben

Written by Nasir Hamid on October 19th, 2015

Just over a year ago I went to London for the day with a photographer friend of mine, Benedict Campbell, with the sole purpose of doing street photography. The weather was unusually warm for October and we were fortunate to have some amazing light to photograph in. We had a fantastic day of photography and it’s something I hope we can manage to do again some time. I’ve still got lots of shots from that day to post and as it’s just gone past the one year mark I thought I would dig some out from my backlog.

[Tech info:] Canon Sureshot Ace, Kodak Pro Image 100 film, developed in a Rollei Digibase C41 kit, Pakon scans.


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  1. Gerard says:

    I like the triple selfie! It reminds me of some photos I took in Harajuku last year at this location:

    (I haven’t posted my photos anywhere yet, alas)

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