Lunch hour session: Oxford

Written by Nasir Hamid on February 5th, 2012

The images in this blog post are from an entire roll of medium format film all shot during the same lunch hour which is a first for me. Total time from start to finish was approximately 30mins. I’ve posted the images here in the same order that they were shot on the roll. It was a freezing cold day but in the sun it was somewhat bearable. The film I used here is slide/transparency film which is meant to be processed with E6 chemicals. I don’t have any at the moment so as an experiment I processed this in C41 chemicals which are meant for colour negative film. The result is meant to be crazy whacky colours but it’s also a bit unpredictable as you can see here. More testing is needed.

When I processed this roll of film I thought the chemicals had gone off because the colour of the developer looked darker than usual and I had mixed them 6 weeks ago. Not wanting to lose all of the shots on the roll I took a gamble and added on 30 seconds to the processing time. It looks like I needn’t have done that and the film got a bit over cooked. Fortunately the images weren’t lost but the contrast seems to have gone through the roof.

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f with 80mm lens loaded with Kodak Ektachrome 100G film.

metal gas cover

G.A.S. (aka Gear Acquisition Syndrome, a little in joke)

This is one way to hold your camera steady.

construction work on Bodelian Library, Oxford

Work continues on the Bodleian Library building, Broad Street.

oxford university students

University students, Radcliffe Square.

tourists, oxford

Tourists, Divinity Schools quad.

students having lunch

Students keeping warm in the sun.

students taking a break

Coffee and a muffin.

Georgina and friend. I first met Georgina during a rehearsal for POSH at the Oxford Union. It was sheer chance that we bumped into each other this time so I had to do a street portrait.

My impromptu street portrait had put Georgina and her friend off course and they ended up looping around the Divinity Schools and bumping into me again. This time I decided to try a different spot with better light.

red crane, bodleian library

Bodleian Library crane.

photographer using a praktica camera

Another film photographer that I passed on my way back to my office.



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