London: street portraits

Written by Nasir Hamid on May 30th, 2011

Here are some street portraits I made during a recent day trip to London. These were from the same day as the ‘London calling’ set but I had to wait to receive the colour film from the lab, hence the delay. I must admit it’s very exciting to receive an envelope of negatives in the post from the lab because up until that point I’m never completely sure what might be on the film. Even after I get my first look as I hold the film strips up against the nearest source of light, I still don’t get to see the images properly until I start to scan them in. As the images appear on my screen for the first time I get the same buzz as when I used to watch a b&w print appear in the developer tray in my darkroom days, many years ago. Looking at an image on an LCD screen on the back of my digital cameras just doesn’t give me the same buzz. Convenient? Yes. Exciting? No.


Somewhere in Soho

A smartly dressed man on a London street

Smart dressed man

A man standing in a London park

Park life

Couple standing on a London street

This lady told me that she studied at Oxford. Small world!

Cyclist standing with his bike on a London street

Nice wheels

Man wearing suit, red tie and sunglasses

Sharp dressed man


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