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Oxford: Photo shoot – Helen, experimenting with window light

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

For a long time I’ve wanted to do a photo shoot where I experimented with window light so this is what I did in my recent photo shoot with Helen. Previously we have always shot outside so it was nice to have some limitations to work within (space being one and the light being another). These shots were all made a few hours after my shoot with Jake Dean (previous post) and by this time the sun had already started to drop along with the light level. The windows that were directly behind me face north which helped give a beautiful softness to the light quality which reminded me of paintings by the old masters. It was very interesting to see how moving a small amount made quite a difference and by using curtains you can completely change the feeling of the light altogether.

As with my previous shoot I shot both film and digital – these are all digital. I’m especially excited to see the results from film because I used a new type (Kodak Portra 800) which I haven’t used before. I also shot a roll of TMAX 400 at ISO 1600 after the great results I got from Oxford Fashion Week. Those shots will follow at a later time.

[Technical info:] Nikon D700, 50mm/f1.4D lens.