Oxford: Balliol 750th Commemoration Ball 2013 part 2

Written by Nasir Hamid on August 22nd, 2013

At long last I have the shots I made on colour film at the Balliol 750th Commemoration Ball and I couldn’t be more pleased that I decided to send these out to a lab to have developed and scanned. This set of images is every frame from two rolls of film. I find it very exciting to send off rolls of film in the post and then patiently wait for them to return which is something that you only get with film. Despite these films being past their expiry date the colours have turned out beautifully – thank you Ag photo lab in Birmingham for doing such a great job. I bought a good sized batch of this film from a fashion photographer that used to use a lot of it but as his clients request digital photography now he had no need for it.

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f, 80/2.8 lens, loaded with Kodak Portra VC, developed and scanned by Ag Photo lab.


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  1. Tim says:

    Awesome stuff, Nasir. I love this camera! Keep it up!

  2. Dave Webster says:

    Hi Nasir, really love your blog and your photos 🙂 your really flying the flag for film here. 🙂
    I really admire your dedication to your lunch time shots and with such big heavy cameras too, I have a RB67 and don’t use it as much as I should due to its weight, and I see your using the prism finder on yours too ! that makes it soo heavy ! Im also impressed with your SL66 and the pics you’ve taken with it 🙂 All great work and I look forward to seeing many more excellent photos on your site 🙂 Well done that man 🙂

    Dave Webster.

    • Nasir Hamid says:

      Hey Dave,
      Thanks very much for your kind comments. You’re right, the RB67 is a brute of a camera and not the lightest but it’s so much fun to use with that massive viewfinder and the rotating back is a stroke of genius design.
      A lot of the time I carry my camera gear in a rucksack with a waist belt which makes it more comfortable and then when I get to a location or area I want to photograph I’ll carry the camera from there. You get used to the weight with practice. Don’t hang it around your neck, use two hands or over a shoulder. It’s so nice not to have to bother with batteries or menus with the RB67 🙂

  3. Dave Webster says:

    Nasir, have you ever put up a
    group photo shot of all your film cameras as you seem to have a museum sized collection of them :-)Its nice to see that you get out and about using them all and publishing the results 🙂 I love your black and white shots :-)I have only got back into using film over the last year as used to used slide film, mainly for macro photography. I miss the smell of opening a Kodak or Fuji slide film canister so much 🙁 and the anticipation of the results 🙂 I used to live in Reading and close to a processing lab called CPL where I could get my slides done in a couple of hours 🙂 those were the days and I miss that so much 🙁 I have also this year learned how to develop black and white film and use Ilford FP4 and HP5 🙂 Have also learned the hard way that developer (Ilfofol 3) doesn’t last that long once opened combined with my slow rate of picture taking !!! so am into stockpiling like yourself till loads to do 🙂
    Nasir what scanner do you use as your results are excellent ?

    • Nasir Hamid says:

      Hey Dave, I’m afraid I would need a lot of time and space to do a camera group shot, not to mention a very wide lens! I’ve never counted them either because for me it’s not about the numbers or bragging rights, it’s all about having choices and variety with the different formats 🙂
      I used to process slide film at a small professional lab where we did everything by hand from 35mm up to 10×8 sheets. Seeing all that slide film on a lightbox was magical. I highly recommend you try Kodak HC110 liquid developer for your FP4 and HP5, it’s my favourite combo. Mix it up at 1+31 dilution. The syrup will last well over a year. I use an Epson V700 scanner which is not so great for 35mm but very good for larger formats.

  4. Dave Webster says:

    Ha Ha I thought you might say something like that as you do seem to have a spectacular collection

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