London day trip: Nov/2011 part 1

Written by Nasir Hamid on November 26th, 2011

These images are all from a day trip to London that I made last weekend. I went to visit some photography exhibitions including the Taylor Wessing portrait winners at the National Portrait Gallery. I entered two prints but didn’t get shortlisted out of the 6,000+ entries. Looking at the 60 shortlisted portraits I noticed only two were black & white. Both of my entries were black & white so perhaps that reduced my chances? The weather was nice all day and the light was fantastic for photography. People seemed to be in a good mood and a number of people came up to me to ask about the film camera I was using, something I am always happy to talk about.

On this day trip I shot more film than on any previous visit to London. I will break the images down to multiple posts as I make my way through scanning the film.

[Tech info:] Kodak Portra 400 film in a Mamiya C330 medium format camera. Processed and scanned by me.

People walking towards the London Eye

Into the light. I love the long shadows in this shot. You can see the London Eye in the background.

A man playing bagpipes, London

Bagpipes, Westminster bridge. This man's jacket and tie was well co-ordinated with the colour of the bridge.

Ice-cream seller

Ice-cream van, Westminster bridge. With the nice weather this man was quite busy. I ended up holding up foot traffic to get this shot.

Scouts eating lunch

Lunch break.

Freestyle football skills

Freestyle football. I like the reaction of the man on the right.


Breakdancer. When photographing tall people with a camera using a waist level finder the images tend to be on the unflattering side.

Wooden horse

Joseph the horse. I was drawn to the bright colours of these horses in the sunlight.

This gentleman came up to me to say that he learnt photography back in the 1970's on the same camera that I was using. He still has some lovely film cameras but sadly doesn't use them any more because digital is so convenient. What a shame.

Lady with red hair

This lady's red hair caught my eye as she was browsing secondhand books under one of the bridges along the Thames. The was amazing under there and I could have easily spent all day there.



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  1. tobiah says:

    very nice images. the last girl has a wonderful smile.

    • Nasir Hamid says:

      Thanks, Tobiah.
      Unfortunately I didn’t give this blog address to the lady in the last shot. Hopefully she’ll get to see the shot some day.

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