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Written by Nasir Hamid on August 8th, 2011

I’m back after almost a month of no posts. I must apologise to regular viewers of this blog and I hope you didn’t think I’d abandoned you. Truth be told I’ve been busier than ever with my photography but I haven’t had much time to develop and scan the films that I’ve been amassing in my fridge.

The good news is there will be a good supply of images appearing on this blog in the coming weeks as I feverishly work away at clearing the backlog. Yesterday 5 rolls of colour neg (C41) films arrived back from the lab and amongst those are shots from Eights Week that I’ve been looking forward to seeing. Over the next few weeks I am going to try my hand at developing my own colour neg films which will be a first for me. I have the chemicals ready but once I mix them they are only good for a week so I’ve been steadily building up a stock pile of films to develop.

Below are images from early July from a new camera format for me. The 645 format is 6cm wide by 4.5cm tall and is approximately 2.5 times larger than 35mm. The nice thing is the camera is smaller and more compact than my 6×7 cameras and I get 15 shots on a roll compared to 10. The downside is it takes me longer to finish the roll before I can develop it.

[Tech info]: Shot on Fuji Acros 100 film with a Mamiya M645 1000S. Developed in Kodak HC110 developer.

Lunch on the steps of the Clarendon Building

Pasties and coke

Divinity Schools quad

Divinity Schools quad, Oxford. This was shot in harsh midday sun with this gentleman being lit from behind. This is a perfect example of the amazing dynamic range of film.

St. Giles, Oxford.

Little Clarendon Street, Oxford. This gentleman said 'don't put my picture on Facebook!'. Lucky for him I don't put any of my images on Facebook.



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