October, 2013

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Oxford: Photo Walk day 2013

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Last Saturday was some sort of worldwide photo walk day where groups of photographers around the world met up in groups to walk around and do photography together. I wasn’t part of this but I stumbled across a group in Oxford city centre – the two organisers are the guys in the horse costumes. I don’t often go into town on the weekend so it was nice for me to see a totally different vibe on the streets compared to my lunch hour photo walks during the week – more shoppers and less working people out and about. I ended up bumping into some friends which was nice so we had a good chin-wag and catch up.

[Tech info:] 1950’s Rolleiflex Automat, 75mm/f3.5 Tessar lens, loaded with expired Kodak Tri-X, processed in Kodak Xtol 1+1 for 8 mins. I used a yellow filter on some of these shots because the sky was cloudy/overcast so I wanted to add a little contrast.

Oxford: BMX Jam, Meadow Lane, part 3

Friday, October 11th, 2013

These are the only 35mm shots I managed to make at the BMX Jam that was held at the Meadow Lane skatepark back in July because halfway through the first roll of film the mirror inside my camera got stuck. I didn’t want to risk taking the lens off to look inside because of the risk of ruining the shots I had already made so I put the camera in my bag and switched to medium format for the rest of the event. This resulted in fewer shots and more portraits but less action (see my previous posts, part 1, part 2). After I got home and investigated a little more it turned out to be a piece of foam inside the camera that had gotten a little sticky with age, an easy fix. My beloved Nikon FM2 is back in service again, still going strong after 25 years.

I really enjoyed this BMX Jam and as it was my first one I didn’t quite know what to expect but now I know what it’s all about I can’t wait for the next one. It poured down with rain on the original date that had been set for this but on this day we had fantastic summery weather and a really good turn out. The portrait at top left is local BMX legend Alex Leech who I started my first day of school with many moons ago. I’d say he’s almost as passionate about BMX as I am about film photography and I always enjoy bumping into him at the skatepark.

[Tech info:] Nikon FM2, Zeiss 50/1.4 and Nikon 105/2.5 lenses, loaded with Fuji Superia 200, developed and scanned by ASDA in Swindon.

Photo shoot: Lauren (fujiroids)

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Here are two fujiroids from a photo shoot I had with Lauren, these are the bleached negs which have an extra 2 stops of shadow detail compared to the prints. There will be other images from this shoot to follow at a later time but they are almost all black & white. I really like how these turned out, very simple lighting in an incredible room.

[Tech info:] Graflex Speed Graphic 5×4, 180mm/f4.5 Schneider lens, Fuji FP-100C instant pack film (expired).

Photo shoot: Lauren

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Some test shots I made of Lauren last week. I wanted to test out my Rolleiflex Automat to see how it preforms as a portrait camera because I’ve read various comments about the 75mm lens not being anywhere near as good as an 80mm lens. Unfortunately I didn’t have another Rolleiflex with an 80mm lens with me to do a direct comparison, that will have to wait for another day. I also took t his opportunity to test out my Rolleinar 1 close-up lens to get in a little closer (I think the top left shot is with that). The sky was heavily overcast and the light level was so dark and flat that I’m honestly amazed that these look as good as they do especially as the film expired almost 10 years ago. Lauren was very easy to work with and I hope this is the first of more collaborations. I also shot a couple of sheets of large format 5×4 film but those will have to follow at a later time.

[Tech info:] Rolleiflex Automat 3.5 (circa 1950’s), 75mm Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar lens, loaded with expired Kodak Tri-X, processed in Kodak Xtol 1+1 for 8 mins.



Photo shoot: Georgina

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Some shots from a photo shoot I had with Georgina a few months ago. Georgina had been rushing around organising things for the Balliol Commemoration Ball so I was glad when she managed to make some time to fit in this shoot a few days before the ball. This room was a tricky space to shoot in because of the height of the window and the amount of furniture in the room but I’m pleased with what I managed to achieve. I quite enjoy having to work to find images in less than ideal situations because it’s a great way to learn.

[Tech info:] Pentax 67 with 55mm and 105mm lenses, Kodak Portra 400VC and Tri-X films.

Photo shoot: Imogen

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Sometimes I don’t get around to processing some of my film until weeks or months after shooting it and sometimes I don’t label what’s on my film so I have no idea what’s on it until I hang it up to dry after processing it. That’s what happened with these shots that are from a lunch time photo shoot I had with Imogen just over 3 months ago! It’s the little surprises like this that make using film so fun. I really like the contrast in these shots which I think is from a  film/developer combo that I haven’t explored much before (TMAX and Xtol). I’ll do some more testing with this.

[Tech info:] Nikon FM2, 50mm/1.4D loaded with Kodak TMAX 400 (expired), processed in Kodak Xtol 1+1 for 9:15.