Oxford: Helen, window light experiments part 2

Written by Nasir Hamid on January 4th, 2013

A new year and I’ve yet to do any photography thanks to the gloomy weather we’ve been having. At least it gives me an opportunity to carry on working through my backlog from last year. Here are some film shots from my most recent shoot with Helen. I love the quality of the light in these and hope to do more. It’s completely different to shooting outside. For the first time I had a digital camera with me on this particular shoot for comparison and you can see some of those shots here. I also shot some colour film but I’m stock piling my colour film so that I can process more of it in one go with fresh chemicals so those will follow later in the year. It’s exciting to wait to see my images.

[Tech info:] Pentax 67, 105/2.4 lens loaded with Kodak TMAX 400 @ ISO1600 processed in Kodak HC110 (1+31) for 7:30.

Comparison of film and digital



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  1. Hi Nasir,
    I’m impressed by your Tmax 400 at 1600 in HC110. Have you tried it in 35mm and, if so, how’s the grain when it comes to making prints? Is this the best film/dev combination you’ve come across for 1600 ISO?

    • Nasir Hamid says:

      Hey Bruce,
      As yet I haven’t tried pushing TMAX 400 in 35mm but I have some in my freezer for testing. Most of my photography is medium or large format so I tend not to pack my 35mm very often. The two developers I use most often and have in stock are HC110 and Rodinal and I’m sure HC110 will give finer grain than Rodinal.
      I like the grain when pushing Tri-X to 1600 and processing in Rodinal but it’s certainly not as fine as TMAX 400.

  2. Thanks Nasir. I want to use a faster film in my Konica Hexar AF and have considered a few combinations. A favourite is Tri X in Diafine but Diafine is dificult to get hold of now. Might try Tmax and HC110.

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