April 16th, 2012

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Oxford: lunch hour session

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Something a little different from my usual lunch hour sessions here because I don’t usually go to the pub at lunch time. A meeting I had at work ended up running over by almost an hour which meant my lunch break was later. I took this opportunity to break from my usual routine of walking into town and instead I explored the neighbourhood around where I work. The benefit of this was I had a lot more time to shoot because usually I only get 30mins to shoot as my walk into town and back is 15mins each way. The relaxed change of pace was nice and as it was a sunny day with a clear sky the light was very harsh and contrasty which resulted in great shadows around.  The following day I was back to my old routine again but I think I might mix things up a bit from now on.

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f and 80mm lens loaded with Fomapan 200, processed in Rodinal 1:50 for 11mins at 20c.

Concrete staircase

Stairway to...

Tree shadow

I love this shadow

The Rickety Press pub interior

On my travels I ended up going inside The Rickety Press pub which was recently renovated. The light and shadows inside were fantastic.

old books

Old books on display and for reading.

old book spines

I liked the ornate spines on these books.

classic old penguin books

Penguin classics behind the bar.


Back to work.

radcliffe square oxford

Day 2. 'Cool camera' they said as I walked past. 'Thanks' I said, 'let me make a quick portrait of you with it'. Click!

Outside Brasenose College where some construction work is going on.

I thought the 3D glasses were cool and the contrast of outfits. On the steps of the Clarendon Building.

A men's tailoring shop recently opened in Little Clarendon Street and this is one of the tailor's working there.