April 22nd, 2012

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Oxford: lunch time session

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

The weather forecast turned out to be wrong so instead of a week of endless rain we were fortunate enough to have some nice sunny weather during the past couple of days and when the sun is out so am I. These shots are from the first roll of film through my Rolleiflex SL66 camera. It’s similar to a Hasselblad in that it uses the same Zeiss 80mm lens design and the image format is 6x6cm square but that’s where the similarities end. In my opinion the SL66 is a lot more versatile and has features the Hasselblad can only dream about. I breezed through a roll of film in my lunch break and because this camera is lighter than most of my other cameras I was able to cover a lot more ground than I usually do when carrying heavier cameras.

[Tech info:] Rolleiflex SL66 with 80mm and 150mm lenses. Ilford HP5+ film (expired in 2005) processed in Ilford DD-X.

rolleiflex sl66

Rolleiflex SL66. The previous owner was a food photographer who recently retired, he used this camera for 30 years.

a dog sitting in a shop doorway

Going nowhere. Shop doorway, Little Clarendon Street.

James (aka Cowboy Mod). Wellington Square. You can see me reflected in his sunglasses.

I love the way the background here looks like a painted theatrical backdrop. That's the Ashmolean Museum in the background.

Waiting for the bus outside the Randolph Hotel. The man was very pleasant and told me he used to work in the photo trade many years ago. We chatted about photography.

Ship Street.

A quick grab shot to see how well the camera coped with moving subjects. Turl Street.

Lunchtime at the coffee shop.