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Oxford: lunch hour session

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Some random ¬†images made on expired Kodak Tri-X film during my lunch hour. I started the roll off by photographing the window typography in the windows of the soon to be burger place but the first time I went there the sun was shining on the buildings across the street and the reflections in the glass were too distracting. The next day I left for work earlier than usual in the morning and the overcast light was perfect. I went back there again in my lunch hour that same day to ask if I could photograph from inside the building looking out but the boss wasn’t there and the construction worker standing in the doorway said he couldn’t give me permission so I ended up making a portrait of him instead. There’s so much construction going on around Oxford city centre at the moment. I feel a construction worker portrait project coming on.

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f with 80mm lens, Kodak Tri-X processed in HC110 dilution b (1:31).

Be here typography in shop window

I love the way this typography has been done. The dark areas allow you to see in through the glass

Shop front typography. George Street.

I like the frontage of this building on George Street.

Construction worker

Construction worker in doorway. He was very reluctant to be photographed at first because he thought I wanted him to 'pose'. Instead I told him not to move


Here's the work being carried out around the back of the same building

Hand painted Fire Exit sign

Hand painted sign, Broad Street

Construction workers

The three construction workers that I pass almost every day on my way back to my office. A friendly group of guys

I photographed this girl some months ago so it was nice to bump into her again. She's one of the most photogenic people I've come across

Construction workers

This is the following day from the shot above. Little Clarendon Street



Oxford: Expired film

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

These few images are a bit out of sequence. They’re from a roll I finished over a month ago but I’m not sure where the other shots are at the moment. To save time I’m posting them today ‘as is’. The funky look to the images is because the film was very old. I’m not sure when it expired but I bought it as part of a large batch of expired film so there’s more where this came from. The mottled look is I think from the paper backing being in contact with the film for a long time and the film not being stored in optimum cold/dry conditions. I could be wrong but that’s my best guess.

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f camera loaded with Ilford Delta 3200 film. Processed in Ilford DD-X developer (1:4).

I saw this gentleman waiting with his bike on Broad Street. I was on my way back to my office at the end of my lunch break. I thought he had a cool moustache.

Another fellow film photographer. This was lit from a small window in the stairwell near the darkroom that we use.

The Covered Market. I've never seen so many butchers in one place.


Oxford: Balliol Ball 2012 part 6

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Here’s another batch of images from the Balliol college ball that I attended a few weeks ago. The images are very grainy due to the expired film I was using. I’m not sure of the expiry date of this film, it came in a batch of different films that I bought as a job lot. Despite the grain I like how these images have turned out, they capture the mood of the evening which was people having fun.

Some exciting news related to my Balliol ball photography is that a couple I photographed that evening liked my photography so much that they’ve booked me to photograph their wedding next year and I’m going to be doing it on film! It’s not obvious from this blog but I do photograph weddings as well as doing other photographic commissions and I’m really glad they emailed me to enquire about it. Here’s a little extract from the lovely email I received “…have been looking at the websites of wedding photographers around Oxford, and we haven’t found a single one whose work we like as much as the photographs on your blog.”

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f camera and 80mm lens on expired Ilford Delta 3200 film, processed in Kodak HC110 dilution B (1:31).

Backlit in the live music marquee

Hai Lin and friend

Outside the live acts marquee

I really like the moment I've captured here, especially with the guy laughing next to the very serious guy next to him

Outisde the live acts marquee

I asked these girls to follow me all the way to the side entrance of the college just so we could use the light in the archway. It worked out well.

Lunch hour session: Oxford

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

It’s been while since I posted some lunch hour street photography so I apologise if you’ve been needing your fix. There’s no shortage of it to post (as I’m out with a camera just about every weekday if it’s not raining) it’s just that I wanted to get the bulk of my Balliol College Ball photography posted. Speaking of College Balls, I’m going to try to obtain permission to photograph some more this summer so fingers crossed on that. If you know anyone that can authorise permission please send them a link to this blog and ask them to contact me. Thanks.

All of the images here are from the same roll of expired Tri-X. I don’t know how expired it was because there was no wrapper on it but judging from the base fog of the film I’d say it’s over 10 years out of date.

[Tech info:] Expired Kodak Tri-X film loaded in a Mamiya C330f with 80mm lens. The film was rated at ISO 200 and processed in Kodak HC110 dilution b.

This guy was visiting Oxford for the day. We had a pleasant conversation about photography, film and digital. He had travelled from Ohio.

This scout was visiting from British Columbia, Canada.

Creative graffiti on a red telephone box on St Giles.

Construction work going on inside the Bodleian Library. The openings on the right will be the new entrances.

This bike was all chrome.

A shady spot underneath the scaffolding on Walton Street

This seat has had a lot of use. The bike it's on is nice and old but it's had a recent paint job which is a bit of a shame

It's a bit of a shame I didn't have colour film in the camera because the colour scheme of this guy's outfit was pretty cool. I like the shadows cast by the sun.

Oxford: Balliol Ball 2012 part 3

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Here’s the third batch of my images from the Balliol Ball 2012 and they’re the best so far. I really like the look of these and that’s largely due to the film, Kodak Tri-X. I should give this film more credit in low light, most of these shots were made in light levels that were so low that I could hardly see the eyes of my subjects to focus on. Most of these images revolve around the live acts’ marquee because that seemed to have the most light. More images to come.

If you’re involved in organising any summer college balls and you like my photography please let me know. I’d love to do more documentary photography of other college balls.

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f and 80mm lens loaded with Kodak Tri-X film rated at ISO1600, processed in Kodak HC110 B (1:31) for 17mins at 20C.

Fixing a bow tie (live acts marquee)

Watching one of the live bands

Outside the live acts' marquee

Outside the live acts' marquee

Outside the live acts' marquee

The lighting in this shot is coming from the live acts' stage. It was very noisy in the marquee which made asking people if I could photograph them a little tricky

This girl looked very striking with her tattoos. I'd like to photograph her again so if anyone knows her please let her know

mission burrito

I thought it was a great idea to have Mission Burrito at the ball. The people behind the counter were very friendly

Hai Lin. This portrait was made right next to the Mission Burrito stand to make use of their light

Oxford: Balliol Ball 2012 part 2

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

These images are the first of what will be quite a large collection of images shot on film from the Balliol Ball that I was fortunate enough to attend last week. I didn’t label the rolls of film as I finished them on the night so when it came to choosing which roll of film to process first I decided to pick the last roll from the night. ¬†The film (Ilford Delta 3200) expired in 2005 and was part of a batch that I recently bought on eBay. It’s always a gamble when buying expired film because you never really know how the film was stored or whether it has suffered heat damage. Judging by the quality of this film I’d say it has suffered from being badly stored over the years. Still, these images have a unique look to them that is 100% real, no Photoshop filters or plugins were used on these images.

Earlier this evening I processed another few rolls of film from the ball and I can’t wait to start scanning them in. I left them hanging up to dry in the darkroom and will collect them tomorrow.

[Tech info:] Mamiya C330f and 80mm lens loaded with Ilford Delta Pro 3200, processed in Ilford DD-X 1:4 at 20C for 9 mins.

One of the few places I found available light to photograph with was near the loo in the basement by the photo booth.

I found this group of people in the photo booth room and managed to convince them to stand in front of my camera.

Photo booth group. I like how this one turned out.

The lighting here reminded me of an old movie set. These two guys were watching the dodgem cars which are directly behind me.

The light level was so low here that I couldn't see these people clear enough in my viewfinder to focus and the exposure was a bit too long for me to hand hold steady.

The light level in this shot seems a bit brighter than the previous shot but it was still too low to focus properly.