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Oxford: OFW 2012, backstage at the Haute Couture show part 1

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Some of my photography from backstage at the Haute Couture show which was held in Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. Regular visitors to this blog may recognise the tailor’s from Clements & Church (especially Richard) who I tend to photograph quite regularly. It was great to see them in their element, doing what they do best. I have lots of images to post so I’ll be drip feeding them as I get time to do so. I’ve been doing so much photography recently that my backlog is slowly building up. Apologies to anyone waiting to see their images.

tailored suits by clements & church

tailored suits by clements & church

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Oxford: OFW 2012, Haute Couture show, Ashmolean Museum

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Here are the Fujiroids (aka Polaroids) that I shot last night, back stage at the Haute Couture show which was held in the Ashmolean Museum as the finale to Oxford Fashion Week 2012. When I think back at all of the amazing dresses and stunning models that were at the show I can’t help feel a little frustrated that this is all I managed to come away with in terms of instant pack film shots. The schedule was so tight compared to last year there wasn’t enough time allowed for photography – something that surprises me considering the benefit to everyone (designers, models, photographer and OFW). I did my best with the time and limited space I had to work in and came away with a set of images that I am pleased with but it’s the ones that got away that are hard to forget. I shot with a range of cameras, digital, colour and black & white film so there are plenty of more shots to come. Something I love about Fujiroids is that they are unique one of a kind gems. You want limited edition? This is it! The scans here don’t do the original prints justice.

Thanks goes to the back stage crew that helped me and to the models for being patient while I juggled different cameras and lighting. The shot in the bottom right corner is of two of the OFW crew that helped me test my lighting setup.

Shots made back stage on FP100-C Fuji instant pack film

Haute Couture show, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. OFW2012.

Oxford: OFW 2012, Elysium show

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Oxford Fashion Week 2012 is currently on and I’ve been doing some backstage photography. Here are some images from the Elysium show held at Oxford’s Town Hall last night. Space was at a premium so it was extremely difficult to photograph there but I did my best to stay out of the way amidst the busyness that comes with fashion shows. I really wanted to do some stunning photography that completed some of the amazing outfits and styling but sadly I didn’t get the time I needed. At the very end I did get some help from designer Crimson-Rose O’Shea (who had designed¬†the colourful outfits that were accompanied by big paper hats) which was nice.¬†I especially liked the outfits from designer Chloe Reynolds (the black designs with lace across the models’ eyes) so it was a shame not to get a chance to make more shots of them.

I’ll add more images to this post when I get time to process them all. I shot both film and digital and a few shots on Fuji instant pack film (aka Polaroid).