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Oxford: International Model United Nations conference

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Despite the title of this conference it has nothing to do with models or modelling. One of the organisers had seen my photography on this blog and asked if I’d like to do some photography of the conference delegates. I agreed to go along and although I would have loved to have made some selective portraits on film I know from past experience that these types of events are very difficult to be selective at because for some reason people react with sheer terror if you ask them if they’d like to be photographed by themselves. Anyone know why? The venue was Oxford’s Town Hall, a venue that I’ve photographed in before so I knew from experience the available light there is not very good for photography which is why I took my own lighting along. There was a steady flow of people to photograph but towards the end it got a bit crazy with the groups becoming larger and larger. Overall it was fun. Any delegates wishing to order prints can do so directly from me, please get in touch via email: simplyoxford [at]

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